Everyday Skincare Tips that You’re Overlooking! (your skin will thank us.)

Posted on 05 January 2017

  1. Eat Dark Chocolate!

Yes, this is one that not only your skin will love but your sweet tooth will love too! You may have heard that chocolate causes acne, but that common misconception comes from Milk Chocolate, which is full of milk and added sugars (which are both major acne causing foods). But unlike its acne causing brother, dark chocolate benefits your skin due to it being rich in natural enzymes and antioxidants that help protect your skin. So indulge in a piece and justify it by knowing its great for your skin!



  1. Hit the Gym!

A good workout doesn’t just improve your figure, but it improves your skin!

When you blood gets pumping from running that extra mile, it doesn’t just burn calories, but helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

Don’t love the Gym? Start a dance party or run up and down the stairs in your house or building, just get that heart pumping and blood flowing, your skin will thank you!



  1. Tea Time!

Take a pause in your day, and have a relaxing cup of hot tea. White and Green Tea not only feel great to enjoy, but they’re great for you complexion, while hydrating skin cells to just the right level, they also assist in anti aging. Plus taking a moment to de-stress with a steaming cup each day, will help prevent stress related acne!


 4. Turn up the heat!

An easy tip you may be over looking is simply turning up the heat on your showers. Letting the extra steam from a hotter shower surround you, will relax your pores and open them up. Which is ideal for getting the dirt and grime out of your skin. So while your pores are open go ahead and wash your face for the deepest clean. Also extend this tip past just your facial skin, your body is covered in tiny pores, most you cant even see, so go ahead and use your body wash as thoroughly as possible to get all the dirt and dead skin cells out of the pores everywhere on your body! (But carefully, too many hot showers can lead to drying out your skin)



  1. Handful of Almonds!

Almonds are many peoples favorite healthy snacks, and having a handful each day can give you #nomakeup selfie worthy skin! This naturally delicious nut is a great source for Omega-3’s and Vitamin E, two nutrients that keep your skin supple and healthy. So munch on a few plain, in a trail mix, or a salad, however you enjoy them just make sure this super food somewhere in your diet.  

    6. Eyes hold the Prize

Technically your eyes aren’t skin. But they do sit as the centerpiece of your facial skin. If your eyes look tired, and red, then your skin will look dreary as well. Wake up your eyes and make them look fresh and alert with just a few hydrating eye drops, you will look bright and alert for the day!



  1. Get your sleep!

Nothing makes your skin, eyes and hair, look more dull and tired than… being tired! Do whatever you can to get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep each night to ensure you leave your under eye bags behind and have bright healthy skin and hair. Sleep offers skin care that so many creams try to mimic, but get the original by trying to fit in that extra hour or two of snooze.




     8. Rub your moisturizer!

Massage in your moisturizer, don’t be afraid to really rub it in. Instead of just dabbing your product on, massage it in deep with circular motions. This simple tip will get the product deeper into your skin, which will ultimately make it effective longer and give those benefits to all layers of your skin. Plus it will kick your skins blood flow into gear (and bonus it feels pretty good too)



  1. Wear Sunscreen!

This is so important! The suns harmful UV rays damage your skin more than anything else in nature. Leaving you with sunspots, wrinkles and loss of elasticity (not to mention the possibility of skin cancer!!) Wear at least SPF15 or higher under your makeup everyday and extend it to your neck, chest, and backs of your hands, to prevent those large dark spots that show up as we age.

So you should really think twice about trying to lay out and catch a tan, instead lather up with sunscreen and go for a faux tan. St Moriz instant self tanner $12.00 Ulta.



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