Social Skin was founded by American Models Kellie Stewart and Dominique Fenison. While always having be photo shoot ready the two live under the constant pressure of obtaining flawless skin, trying out every product possible and never quite being fully satisfied, until the two found each other and combined their knowledge and experience to create the innovative luxury skincare company Social Skin.


Kellie Stewart Social SkinKellie Stewart Dominique Fenison Social SkinDominique Fenison Social Skin

While being working models the two live behind the scenes of the beauty industry, constantly learning and experiencing the ins and outs first hand. Bouncing ideas, skincare and beauty tips and tricks with other models, designers, and flawless faces. Kellie and Dominique have had the opportunities of traveling to all different areas of the world during their lives/ careers, while meeting and learning people and learning of their native resources. 
The two have collected their experiences of the beauty industry, the prime key ingredients from different parts of the world and their own valuable skin secrets to create their innovative products.


A brand focused on bringing every face the best possible care with the best possible ingredients. Social Skin is a new age of skincare, oriented to make sure you will look flawless right in the moment, and for years to come. Social Skin is focused on their customers and focused on making sure their creations never take a short cut, building a brand that is innovative and new, while still classically luxurious and relevant for years to come.


Founded and originated in Los Angeles, California, with chemists and teams actively working in Hollywood CA, and Dallas TX. All products are always USA made, while containing exotic botanicals from different regions of the world.







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